CLIC Top 10 FAQs

  1. What are the grounds for divorce? Must I explain why I want a divorce?[Matrimonial Matters]
  2. How do I apply for divorce? (with a brief summary of the relevant procedures)[Matrimonial Matters]
  3. Apart from going to the Court to apply for a divorce, are there any other channels through which unhappy spouses can settle their differences? What are the differences between these other channels and divorce proceedings?[Matrimonial Matters]
  4. In order to avoid certain liabilities, or to exploit customers, some sellers or service suppliers may insert exemption clauses into their contracts or impose unfair terms. Are these terms valid under the law?[Consumer Complaints]
  5. My tenant has failed to pay rent for two months. What can I do to recover the rent and the possession of my property?[Landlord and Tenant]
  6. I suspect that my sales executive has repeatedly sent client details to a rival company and I want to dismiss him. Can I terminate his employment contract immediately without giving him advance notice or wages in lieu of notice?[Employment Disputes]
  7. Holiday/annual leave/sick leave/maternity leave and their relevant payments[Employment Disputes]
  8. I will attend a court hearing soon. What is the procedure during a criminal hearing?[Police & Crime]
  9. How does the jury give its verdict?[Police & Crime]
  10. I want to purchase a flat. What should I do before I sign the provisional sale and purchase agreement and pay the initial deposit?[Sale and Purchase of Property]