Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Winding-up of Companies
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B. Q&A

  1. Bankruptcy proceedings can only be commenced by creditors but not by the debtors. Is this true? (With a brief procedural guide)
  2. What are the main functions of the Official Receiver's Office?
  3. Can I find out the bankruptcy record of any person from the Official Receiver's Office?
  4. What are the consequences of bankruptcy?
  5. What should a bankrupt do or avoid doing after the granting of a bankruptcy order?
  6. What can the creditors do after the granting of a bankruptcy order?
  7. Can I institute bankruptcy proceedings against my employer for unpaid wages?
  8. When will the bankrupt be discharged from the bankruptcy order? Will the bankrupt still be liable for the debts after the discharge of the bankruptcy order?
  9. What criminal offences are related to bankruptcy?