Common Traffic Offences
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6. Related to the use of mobile phones

The use of mobile phone in Hong Kong is very common.  Yet common sense dictates that driving while using a mobile phone can be dangerous.  It is therefore essential to have statutory control over a driver’s use of a mobile phone while driving.  The relevant law is found in Regulation 42(1)(g) of the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations (Cap.374G of the Laws of Hong Kong) . 
It provides that if a motor vehicle is in motion, the driver shall not “use a mobile telephone while holding it in his hand or between his head and shoulder” nor “use, while holding it in his hand, any accessory to a mobile telephone”.  The penalty for contravening this Regulation is a fine of $2,000.

  1. Ms. M understands that it is illegal to hold and talk on a mobile phone while driving.  But she is unsure about using the speaker-phone function?  And what about using a hand-free device?  Does the law prohibit the use of such function or device?