Consumer Complaints
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IV Case Illustration


Mr. B and his wife (Ms. C) are very unlucky, so that they have to face the following problems with some sellers and service suppliers:

  1. He took his clothes to a dry cleaner but the clothes were subsequently damaged by the cleaner. Can he claim against the dry cleaner?
  2. He has purchased some goods but later he demanded a refund. What will happen if the shopkeeper refuses to give him his money back?
  3. He took his computer to a shop for repair. When he collects it later he can't believe that the service charge is so high. He would never have agreed to the job if he had known it would be that expensive. Can he refuse to pay the repair charge?
  4. He put a deposit down for a car but then has second thoughts. Can he withdraw from the deal and ask for a refund of his deposit?
  5. He took his camera for repair but the shop lost it. Can he obtain any compensation?
  6. He received something in the mail that he has never ordered. Does he have to pay for it?
  7. Ms. C has recently purchased some coupons (prepaid coupons) from a beauty salon but that salon suddenly closes down. Can she claim her money back and by what means?