Consumer Complaints
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III. Channels for Consumer Complaints

You should first contact the traders (sellers or service suppliers) directly with details of your complaint, and give them a chance to put the matter right. It is best to put your complaint in writing and include the following information:

  • date of the advertisement or the website where it appeared;
  • date your order was placed;
  • details of goods or service ordered;
  • amount paid and the method of payment;
  • any references (e.g. order number or customer reference number);
  • reason(s) for your complaint;
  • anything else you think is relevant; and
  • how you would like your claim resolved.

You should also keep copies of any letters you send along with a diary of events, and make a note of the time, the name of person you spoke to, and a brief record of what you discussed, for any telephone calls you have with the traders.

  1. Besides going directly to courts, where else can consumers seek assistance or make complaints?
  2. If consumers have to institute legal proceedings, what should they pay attention to?