Employment Disputes
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A. Introduction to the Labour Tribunal

Before bringing your case to the Court, it is always advisable to attempt to settle through conciliation. The Labour Relations Division of the Labour Department stands ready to help both parties settle quickly and amicably. The telephone hotline for the Labour Department is 27171771 and the e-mail address is enquiry@labour.gov.hk.

  1. What work does the Labour Tribunal carry out?
  2. What types of claim does the Tribunal hear?
Before hearings
  1. What should I do if I decide to file a claim?
  2. How much does it cost to file a claim?
  3. What will happen after I have filed a claim?
  4. What will happen if the Tribunal cannot serve my claim on the Defendant?
  5. What will happen if the Defendant agrees to pay the claim in full?
  6. What will happen if the Defendant admits the claim, but cannot pay immediately?
  7. What will happen if the Defendant disputes the claim in part or in whole?
  8. What will happen if the Defendant ignores the claim?
During hearings
  1. What will happen at the first hearing?
  2. What will happen at any further hearings?
  3. What should I do if I fail to turn up for a hearing and my claim is struck out (declined)?
  4. Can Defendants object to the Tribunal's judgments if they are absent from the hearings?
Preparation for the hearing or trial
  1. If the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement at the first hearing, how can I be prepared for the subsequent trial?
After hearings
  1. Can a judgment (Court/Tribunal's decision) be reviewed?
  2. Can the Claimant or the Defendant appeal to a higher court?
  3. Can a decision of the Court of First Instance of High Court be appealed?
  4. How do I appeal against a decision of the Tribunal or the Court of First Instance?
  5. How do I get back the money that I am awarded?
  6. As a judgment creditor (for which I am entitled to compensation according to Court/Tribunal's judgment), can I enforce the judgment if the judgment debtor has lodged an application for leave to appeal?
  7. What will happen to the Defendant who fails to pay the sum payable under the award of the Labour Tribunal?

For more details of the above litigation procedures, please consult your lawyer or contact the Labour Tribunal at 26250020. You can also visit the Labour Tribunal's website.