III. Accident or personal injury insurance

Accidents do happen all the time and may result in personal injury or even death. An accident insurance policy gives protection (such as reimbursement of medical expenses) should the policyholder suffer accidental death or bodily injury.

  1. What is the general meaning of "accidental injury"? If I was injured but did not have a visible bruise or wound, can I still submit a claim for such an injury?
  2. What are the general meanings of "permanent disability" and "temporary disability"? I received a lump sum from an insurance company due to a permanent disability but surprisingly recovered two years later. Can the insurance company ask me to refund part of its previous payment?
  3. I seldom participate in risky or dangerous sports/activities (e.g. water skiing), but I was injured on one occasion while playing such a sport. Is such an injury considered as an "accident" or "self-inflicted" or a "negligent" event? Will it affect my claim for medical or accident insurance?
  4. If I have received compensation from personal injury litigation against the wrongdoer, will it be used to set off part of my claim from my insurance policy?