V. Employees' compensation and mandatory provident fund (MPF)

Employers are liable to pay compensation for injuries that are sustained by their employees as a result of accidents that arise out of and in the course of their employment. They may also be liable for occupational diseases suffered by their employees.

Following the implementation of the MPF (an employment-based retirement protection system) on 1 December 2000 , both employers and employees should know more about their rights and obligations relating to MPF schemes.

  1. Does Hong Kong Law require all employers to take out insurance for their employees? Is there a statutory minimum amount for the sum insured?
  2. Who are required to joint the MPF schemes (or other recognized occupational retirement schemes) under the law? Are self-employed persons or casual workers (who are not employed under contracts of employment) also required to join these schemes?
  3. What are the statutory amounts or percentages of income for mandatory contributions under MPF schemes?

For more information regarding employees' compensation matters or MPF matters, please go to another topic – Employment Disputes, or visit the website of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.