Landlord and Tenant
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Landlord & Tenant

  1. Things that you need to know before signing a Tenancy Agreement or a Lease
  2. After signing a Tenancy Agreement (or Lease), how should the parties handle the document?
  3. Rates, management fees and other charges
  4. How to recover the outstanding rent and get back the property?
  5. Regulations on using or occupying a leased property
  6. Sub-letting
  7. Properties with mortgages
  8. Repair/maintenance obligations
  9. Terminating a tenancy before expiration (without breach)
  10. Landlord sells the property with existing tenancy
  11. Renewal matters
  12. Termination of tenancies (by non-payment of rent)
  13. Termination of tenancies (for breaches of the tenant other than non-payment of rent
  14. Forfeiture of rental deposit and other consequences following termination by tenant’s breach
  15. ‘Handover matters’ at expiry/termination of a lease
  16. Subdivided flats
  17. Case illustrations
  18. Related Websites

Updated on 08 May 2019