Landlord and Tenant
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X. Landlord sells the property with existing tenancy

When a landlord intends to sell a property that is let to a tenant, the landlord should make it clear to the estate agent, the solicitors and the potential purchaser that the property will be sold subject to a tenancy (instead of delivering up “vacant possession”).

The landlord shall also state clearly in the sale and purchase agreement (or preliminary agreement) about the apportionment of rent (including unpaid rent as receivable from the tenant) before completion of the sale. The landlord should also notify the tenant about the intended sale and properly, the identity/contact method of the purchaser and the payment method (e.g. bank account of the purchaser) and deal with the deposit paid by the tenant.

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  1. My property, which is currently let to a tenant, has risen in value and I intend to sell it. What do I need to do to discharge myself from any liability under the tenancy before selling the property?
  2. My landlord has informed me that the property I am renting was sold recently. I was also told to pay rent to the new landlord on the next due date. Can I object? Will my interests under the “old” tenancy be protected?