Landlord and Tenant
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V. Regulations on using or occupying a leased property

At first sight, a landlord should not have to bother with what the tenant is doing in the property as long as the tenant duly pays the rent and keeps the property in good condition. However, the issue is not as simple as that. A property used for a non-authorised purpose may create trouble for its owner.

  1. Why is it necessary and how do we to ascertain the primary use, for example “domestic” or “non-domestic”, of a property?
  2. I have let a residential property to a tenant and I recently found that the tenant is using the property as an office. Would this affect my interests or cause any liability to me as a landlord? If my tenant conducts criminal activities there, then what further problems will I face?
  3. I am a tenant of an apartment unit who has been disturbed by my neighbour (he habitually sings karaoke at high volume at night). I complained to the manager of the building and was told that as I was not the owner of the property, as tenant, I had no rights under the deed of mutual covenant and therefore had no right to complain. Is he correct and what can I do?