Personal Data Privacy
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V. Privacy on the Internet

Some people may have the view that privacy on the Internet is more of an IT issue than a legal issue. In practice, it is a combination of the two. The following questions and answers are given with reference to the PCPD's publication: "Internet Surfing with Privacy in Mind – A Guide for Individual Net Users".

  1. Have you checked your Internet Service Provider (ISP)'s policies on using "clicktrails" (your webpage browsing record)?
  2. Are you asked to provide your personal data on-line?
  3. Have you set your Internet browser to ask you before accepting a "cookie"?
  4. Are you annoyed about direct marketing e-mails addressed to you?
  5. Complaint Case Notes from the PCPD – System loopholes mended to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to password protected personal data files of customers.

More leaflets are available on the PCPD’s website which correspond to the rapid advancing Internet applications and services: