Personal Injuries
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XIII. Questions and answers

  1. I was injured at work. Is the legal procedure for my claim against my employer for employees' compensation different from the procedure for a personal injury claim in respect of the same injury?

  2. Further to the above question, can I simultaneously make two claims - one for work-related injuries and the other for personal injuries - against my employer and other relevant parties?

  3. I was injured by a restaurant waiter who carelessly spilled hot soup on me.  Should I sue the waiter and the restaurant owner and claim compensation from both of them?

  4. A man intentionally wounded me and was convicted of criminal assault. Can I make a claim against him for civil damages through personal injury litigation?  What happens if the defendant does not have any money to pay compensation?

  5. I was a passenger and I was injured as a result of an accident that happened on a railway platform.  Do I have any grounds to claim against the railway company?

  6. If my injury was partly caused by my own negligence and partly another person's fault, would the compensation be reduced?  How would the level or percentage of such a reduction be decided?

  7. A member of my family died in an accident. Can I initiate personal injury proceedings on behalf of my family member?  What is the procedure that I have to follow before suing the wrongdoer?

  8. My son was injured in an accident.  He wants to make a personal injury claim but he is under 18 years of age.  Can he commence the legal action by himself, or should I take up the proceedings on his behalf?

  9. What is the function of a Coroner’s Court?